MailReveal is a free online tool to validate and verify emails to avoid bounce. Test your Emails Deliverability. Check if Email Exist. build your quality list. mailreveal is an email testing tool that verifies MX, HOST, Deliverability, Catch-All, Username, and Overall Email Quality. make sure your email reaches the inbox.


Get 100% valid email status for every check. We use advanced technology to verify emails, It will show the result instantly unless the target email server is slow.

maximum 10 verification allowed per IP in 24 hours.

Blazing Fast Email Verification

We verify every email instantly. Use the fastest email verification tool known to men.

Accurate Email Verification & Validity Test

Our SMTP Check and all the validation will make sure if the mailbox really exists or not.


MailReveal is free to use for everybody except it has some minor limitations.

It's all about email verification

Email verification is a process of ensuring that an email is deliverable. In other words, Email verification makes sure that your email is in existence and able to receive messages. Email verification reduces the email bounce of your email campaign. Businesses all over the world use email verification to maximize the potential of their campaign to be successful.

What is an email verification tool?

an email verification tool is a software that monitor, check, validate, and verify an email. Email verification tool checks if the email has a valid format, and it is deliverable. It also checks if the email is disposable or not and if It is a free email such as yahoo or gmails.

Features of MailReveal

There are some extremely helpful features that MailReveal provides for your business. MailReveal ensures your emails are valid and deliverable to your lead.

Some features of MailReveal are given below:

Address Detection & SuggestionMailreveal can detect an email address even if there is a spelling mistake. It also suggests the possible email.
Username DetectionMailReveal can detect the username of a particular email. It also validates the username for you. Everything Automatically!
Domain Detection & ValidationDomain validation is an important part of email verification. If the domain is not validated then the Email is not verified as well. Mail reveal validates every domain using REGEX and using MX record.
Md5Hash GenerationMD5 Hash is basically used for security purposes. MD5 Hash Function Produce a 128-bit unique hash value for every entry. in our case, every email. MailReveal does it for you on the go.
Format ValidationMailReveal checks and validates every email format. and let you know if there is an issue with the email format.
Deliverability CheckDeliverability is the most important factor when it comes to email verification. Deliverability tells you if your message will reach your audience or not. MailReveal checks if the email address can receive mail and mail can be delivered to that email.
Full Inbox CheckMailReveal checks if the target email has its email inbox full or not. This is to verify if an email can be reached to the target audience.
Host VerifyMailReveal Checks the host of the email and let you know if the email host address is valid and live.
Catch-All CheckCatch-all email address catches all emails sent to the domain even if the email itself doesn't exist. MailReveal sees & verify if the email server catches all emails or not.
Gravatar CheckGravatar is a globally recognized avatar that stays with your profile and appears on different websites. MailReveal Checks if your email has a gravatar or not.
Role-Based CheckRole-Based Emails are emails that are associated with the title (role), not with the person. MailReveal checks every Email and let you know if that Email is a Role-Based or a Person-Based Email.
Disposable/Temporary Email CheckDisposable or Temporary Emails are not only harmful but also destructive. It can harm your Email campaign. MailReveal Checks the quality of every email and finds out if there are any disposable or temporary emails.
Free Email CheckMailReveal checks every email if they are from a free email provider or not, there are a lot of free email providers out there, the most common of them are Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, etc.